Dance on prescription…

Maybe we haven’t shouted loudly enough about this…but you can now be prescribed dance! That’s right, just like being prescribed medication or psychotherapy if you’re unwell or injured by visiting your GP.

This alternative approach, social prescribing, is the excellent idea that local, non-medical services can sometimes be as effective, or more effective for some conditions than standard treatments delivered by health professionals.

So if you’re over 60, live in Northamptonshire with 1 long-term health condition, and have a sense that life might offer more than what you’re experiencing right now, we may be able to help you through dance.

We partnered with Spring Northampton and Age  UK Northamptonshire, integrating our Dance Elders over 60s programme into the local social prescribing offer. The programme runs throughout 2023 and is hosted at the Royal & Derngate theatre in Northampton’s cultural quarter. We are still welcoming new members to both classes, so do share the news!! To find out more information, click here.

Finally, dance & the arts aren’t just the foods of love. They’re the search for truth & expression of the human condition. We shouldn’t only value them for the role they play in bringing meaning and dignity to our lives. We should value the arts as essential to our health and well-being.

Warm wishes

About the Author: Tina Heeley

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