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Dancemind is a small non-profit organisation that aspires to nurture and support people through community-based arts, using dance and movement as its primary medium.

The work encompasses an exciting programme of classes, and workshops, enthusing health and well-being for a diverse range of people at all stages in life.

Dancemind specialises in dance and movement for adults with psychological and physical health needs, especially within our older communities. We offer opportunities to nurture our minds & bodies as we continue to explore & evolve.

We support those in schools, hospitals, hospices, retirement villages, residential/care homes and community settings, offering a holistic approach using dance and movement to support emotional, physical and mental well-being by offering non-clinical therapeutic outcomes.

Please visit our classes page to see if there is a class right for you.

Psst: Please note, many of the sessions delivered are closed to the general public as they are designed to meet a specific need of a client group. So do get in touch to find out more as not all classes are advertised.

Elders Dance Company film

Take a glimpse and be inspired by our Elders Dance Company film.

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Benefits of Dance

Dance is diverse, accessible & adaptable, providing an entry point for people at all stages of life to rediscover & reconnect with themselves through movement

  • Reduces social isolation

  • Reduces symptoms of anxiety & depression

  • Improves muscle strength & aerobic power

  • Increases confidence & self esteem

  • Offers non-verbal ways of communicating

  • Increases flexibility

  • Reduces stress

  • Minimises bone disease

  • Increases your spatial orientation & balance

  • Supports mental functioning & memory

  • Supports creatively and self expression

  • Lowers risk of coronary diseases & high blood pressure

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