Dance Elders Research Report 2023

Dance Elders Research Report in partnership with the University of  Northampton

We are thrilled to present the comprehensive Dance Elders Programme 2023 report, developed in collaboration with the University of Northampton. Over the past year, our close partnership with Dr. Melinda Spencer (Principal Investigator) and Eadie Simons (Research Assistant) has yielded invaluable insights. Through various data collection methods, they have diligently gathered information from our vibrant community of participants aged over 60, shedding light on the profound impact of our program funded by Arts Council England.

Within these pages, you will delve into the nuanced experiences of both seasoned and novice dancers, revealing the significant benefits and importance of creative community dance groups for older adults. The report underscores the positive outcomes achieved by Dance Elders, as evidenced by the findings of this evaluation. Participants experienced substantial enhancements in both physical and mental well-being, with notable improvements in mood, motivation, and a heightened sense of achievement and performance making.

This wealth of knowledge is the result of meticulous monitoring, facilitated through the collection of evaluation data and collaborative partnerships with Arts venues, Age UK, and Spring Northamptonshire. The positive impact resonates not only within our dance community but also aligns with broader insights gleaned from other areas and programs within the realm of dance research.

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