Welcome to 2023 – time to slowly awaken

Welcome to 2023, albeit a little late in wishing you a happy, healthy and abundant new year ahead. However, I believe that ringing in a new year on 1st January doesn’t necessarily mean this is where the ‘new year’ and ‘new you’ has to begin! January tends to be a month that can be the most challenging for some, especially after such busy and somewhat expensive festivities, leaving many feeling depleted. So for me, January is a month of survival and nurturing yourself where you need it most, allowing your body to slowly awaken and adjust as we navigate new changes and challenges that may be on the horizon. So I hope you are doing things that serve you well so far this year :-).

Maybe during your contemplation of things to try this year, you may have thought about dance. Maybe you are scared you won’t be able to do it, or you need to be fit, coordinated and able?! And actually, it’s a lot easier to talk yourself out of doing it rather than jumping it and giving it a go!

Let me tell you, that actually non of the aforementioned is necessary to join one of Dancemind’s classes! In fact, all we ask is for you to be open and curious about the possibilities and benefits dance may offer you. You’ll meet some wonderful like-minded people that bring a wealth of wisdom and fun to the classes. Dancing together is incredibly uplifting and social, and when dancing with people who share similarities with you such as age, or health concerns, it’s amazing just how connected and less alone you feel.

So if there is a class you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are a friendly, non-judgmental bunch that would love to hear from you!!

Remember, not all classes are open to the public due to group needs, so if there is a class you think you would like to be part of but can’t see here, still reach out. We work with dementia groups and support those with life-limiting illnesses and mental health concerns.

Warm Wishes

Tina x

Photo: dance and dementia group, Timken Grange.






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